Come and enjoy the renowned clinicians that Golden Hills Resort has to offer.  All the clinicians hold at least 3 hours of clinics a day Monday through Friday.  You will have clinic participation and access to each of the trainers.  The clinicians are available throughout the week to answer questions and elaborate on their unique training methods.  

The best part is..........there is no additional fee for  registered guests of Golden Hills Resort.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, spend one on one time with your favorite clinician.  This is the vacation of a lifetime; that one vacation that you will never forget!



May 7 - 13, 2006  and September 3 - 9, 2006

Chuck Golden

Building & Living the American Dream

  Join Chuck Golden.  We will be riding the trail and learning how to become successful in the 6 most important areas of your life.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but is about learning how to go from where you are now to where you want to go.  This is not about teaching your horse but about you and how you can enrich your own life.  Chuck's new book should be out,  "Building and Living the American Dream"  How to get from where you are now to where you want to go.  No matter what your age, you will benefit by spending a 6 day vacation with Chuck.


May 21 - 27, 2006

Brenda Imus  -   Gaits of Gold

Brenda's clinics are designed to benefit you and your horse by improving your horse's performance and smooth saddle gait.  Come ready to work harder than you imagined, learn more than you expected and to have a great time in the process!
  • Introduction to gait recognition
  • Mechanics of bitting and saddle fitting
  • Evaluation of each horse's conformation and innate way of going
  • Individual evaluation of saddle and bridle fit, and refitting as required
  • Assessment of gaited equitation skills, simple corrections as needed
  • Goal setting for each horse and rider
  • Specific gait training exercises, games and techniques
  • Individual attention to each horse and rider to deal with their unique issues
  • Question and answer sessions with clinic participants and observers



September 17 - 23, 2006

Richard Shrake - Resistance Free Training

Richard Shrake is probably the greatest all-around horseman in America today.  With his extensive background and credentials as an internationally recognized horse trainer, instructor and judge, he is in demand and a much sought after horseman. 

He paved the way in the horse industry when he introduced Resistance Free Training and Riding methods.  They have become his trademark in the horse world and have been proven a phenomenal success.  His instructional techniques are based on total communication between horse and rider, whether mounted or in ground work, it will benefit everyone who has a horse, not matter what skill level or age.  The concept teaches willingness and produces harmony and understanding between horse and rider.

Richard Shrake's background as one of the outstanding professionals and his life-long career with horses has given him the fertile ground to teach and share the concept of Resistance Free Training and Riding.  As a trainer and instructor, he has had over 40 horses and students who have won World and National Top Ten championships.  He has judged over 16 World and National championship shows for five different breed associations.  He is a strong and charismatic teacher who knows how to motivate and inspire a group of people to make their own personal dreams come true.

Treat yourself and your horse by attending one of his clinics. 



October 1 - 7, 2006

Charles Wilhelm - Success Through Knowledge

Charles believes that all horses have an inherent desire to perform for their handlers, but many may be confused by unclear signals or previous patterns of behavior.  In 27 years of horse training and competition Charles has concluded that there are no problem horses - only uneducated horses and handlers.  All horses are trainable; all horses are salvageable.

The most enjoyable horses are those with good manners patiently developed through a solid training foundation:  conditioned response.  Once those basics are established the horse becomes a quick, willing student, eager to learn and please.

The Charles Wilhelm method of training is consistently (100%) successful in all riding disciplines from Western to English, reining to dressage; developing all horses of all ages, breeds, backgrounds and temperaments into sage, responsive companions.  Horse owners involved in all disciplines can experience confidence in all levels of training, learn to recognized bad habits and calmly replace them with desirable ones.

Charles will be giving clinics here at Golden Hills for no additional fees, however; he will be available for private consultations for a small additional consultation fee.  Come meet Charles, you and your horse will benefit from his experience and knowledge.  You will experience "success through knowledge."




October 15 - 21, 2006

Curt Pate

Curt Pate is a Montana native who grew up around horses in a working ranch setting.  He had a constant curiosity about how to work with horses and has used that curiosity to fashion himself into a great horse trainer and clinician.  He participated in rodeo for a number of years, announced professional rodeo, and was an auctioneer.

As Curt's skills with horses grew, he began giving small clinics around his hometown.  He also travels the country giving colt starting and horsemanship demonstrations at private facilities, colleges, fairs and horse events.  Today, Curt devotes himself to training horses using techniques he learned while attending Buck Brannaman Clinic as a young man.  He has been training horses for most of his life, and was a technical advisor for the movie "The Horse Whisperer," along with Brannaman.

Curt has committed himself to helping the horse by helping people.  The techniques he utilizes are relatively simple for the horse owner to teach and easy for the horse to learn, yet very effective.  He teaches the basics that are often overlooked or assumed that the horse already knows.

Curt believes that anyone can become a good horseman or woman with the knowledge and dedication.  He also believes there are three things that a person show know"

First:  Safety for you, your horse, and others around you.

Second:  Have fun.  It is not worth the work and effort if it is not fun.

Third:  Set goals and work towards them, no matter how big or small.

Curt's goal is to provide an opportunity to learn an awareness of horsemanship that promotes safe, effective, and enjoyable riding.  He feels this can be achieved by using common sense, looking at things from the horse's point of view, and by being willing to dedicate time and effort to reach your goals.  All classes stress safe, gentle handling that gets results.



Make your reservations early......


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